Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories. Which one should you use?

Just less than 2 weeks ago, Instagram successfully launched Instagram Stories, a Snapchat-like short video feature, that lets users share videos and pictures that disappear after 24 hours, in this article we take a close look at the battle between Snapchat vs Instagram Stories, so you know where to spend most of your time on.

Although it seems that Instagram totally ripped off  Snapchat’s functionality we would argue the overall design has been generally improved.

The Design

Starting with how you navigate between stories. On Snapchat, tapping on the screen advances you to the next snap in a Story and the next Story will automatically play after you view the last snap. On Instagram though, you tap right or left to either advance to the next image or go back to the previous one and swiping left takes you to the next Story in the lineup. This is a major upgrade in UI/UX wherein Snapchat if you want to rewatch a snap you would have to exit the current story, look for it again on your list and sit through the user’s previous stories until you reach the one you were looking to watch again.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

Instagram’s pencil drawing surprisingly is much nicer as well, with different marker shapes and neon drawing.

Pros and Cons

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

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However, Instagram is lacking in what is probably the best feature of Snapchat, Filters. If you’re an avid Snapchat user, you probably check the different selfie lenses daily. Snapchat keeps creating new ones and recycling the greatest hits. Sponsored filters are also big for brands (you can literally paste your ad on someone’s face) and geo filters are useful for event marketing.

Lots of people are talking about how Instagram Stories is easy to use. While this might be because Instagram users are already familiar with the app, Instagram is also doing a good job of educating users on how to use the new Stories feature. People on the fence about Snapchat because it seemed difficult to use may now turn to Instagram.

The Decision

It’s difficult to decide which one is better or should you use without context, however. Instagram launched in 2010, which means some users have had 6 years to build a following. Using Stories doesn’t mean having to create or migrate a follower base; it’s a way for users to strengthen existing relationships with their existing Instagram followers.

Being able to search for and find people to follow on Instagram and being found by your fans is also a major plus for brands and users trying to gain reach, Snapchat still refuses to make a search feature available and users rely solely on other distribution channels to gain followers.

We have yet to see though if Instagram Stories can reach the same level of engagement of Snapchat.

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